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Groupon Etiquette 101: Who Pays What When Your Discount Meal Requires Start-Up Cash?

Last week, a friend and I trekked out to the dubious dining destination that is Bethesda to take advantage of a LivingSocial deal I had obtained for Robert Wiedmaier's Mussel Bar. Once the check came — and I was over my disbelief that a bottle of Allagash White could possibly cost $9 — I found […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Love it or hate it, Five Guys knows how to draw a crowd. The national chain and its fans drew the ire of burgermeister Josh Ozersky, who apparently doesn't put much stock in Zagat surveys, either. The interesting thing is, given the tepid reader response to Ozersky's Tweet nothings, Y&H has to wonder if readers […]

OpenTable Gets into the Groupon Business

By and large, the groupon concept seems like a good idea: You get a steep discount to a particular good, service, or meal, and the business, if enough people buy into the deal, gets a guaranteed number of customers. Seems like a win-win, though some folks have already figured out how to scam the system. […]