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This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

I don't know about you, but between the cold weather and the post-vacation stupor, your semi-friendly Y&H just hasn't been able to embrace the work-at-all-costs mentality yet. I'm feeling so, so unAmerican. I have, however,  enjoyed mixing it up again on the blog, and you readers have been clicking in droves this week. I (and […]

The Whole Foods’ Ground Beef Grind Clock

My first thought when I saw this grind clock perched atop the meat display counter at the Whole Foods in Tenleytown was the obvious: This has to be a reaction to the New York Times' October investigation into the ground beef business, which revealed, among other things, that "a single portion of hamburger meat is often […]

One Good Burger Deserves Another

You already know that charitable giving has dropped as the recession has deepened, and yet: Despite the high unemployment numbers, despite the hit on our retirement funds, and despite the tight credit markets, ever-generous Americans are still determined to give to their favorite charities during the holidays. We may be poorer, but we're not dumber: We know non-profits need […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Controversy over Esquire's selection for Chef of the Year. The passing of Ben Ali. The New York Times' investigation into commercial ground beef. All of these have been major subjects on the blog this week. And yet: The most-read item this week beat out Select 55 by a mere five clicks. Barton Seaver to Be […]

Readers Respond to Ground-Beef Gate

The New York Times' investigation of the commercial beef industry has consumed much of Y&H's attention this week. First, I solicited a couple of burger men to give their opinions on the differences between commercial ground beef and gourmet ground beef. Then, I asked those with a less-vested interest in the subject— readers, in other […]

How to Break Down a Side of Beef

In the wake of the Times' investigation of the ground-beef industry — and its section on how quickly slaughterhouses must break down carcases — Y&H offers up this video on the proper way to butcher a side of beef. Obviously this is an apples-and-oranges comparison. Slaughterhouses must remove hides, organs, and intestines; butcher Tom Mylan […]

Michael Landrum Makes His Case for Gourmet Burgers in the Face of the Times’ Investigation

 Michael Landrum, the man who put the meat into the Ray's mini-empire, has never been shy about telling the world about the superiority of his beef.  The New York Times' investigation of the commercial ground-beef industry gave him another chance to do more of the same. Landrum responded to three of the four questions posed […]

Learn About Cargill, the Company Feeling the Heat from the Times’ Beef Investigation

According to this CNN Money report from last year, Cargill, the manufacturer of the ground beef that partially paralyzed the dance instructor profiled in Sunday's New York Times, is the second largest privately held company in the country. Fortune magazine estimates that Cargill's 2007 revenues were $88 billion. The company's third quarter net earnings in 2008 […]

‘Meat Heroes’ Put the Fun Back into Ground Beef

The comedy troupe, Magic Hugs, has created action figures for the meat lover. (Salmonella Survival Kit sold separately.)