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Celebrate President’s Day With Barley Wine at Pizzeria Paradiso

What better way to commemorate the lives of former great heads of state than drinking really strong beer? This weekend for President's Day, Pizzeria Paradiso in Dupont Circle is offering an opportunity to try your own hand at Drunk History. All day Sunday and Monday, the restaurant will be featuring all barley wines on draft […]

Why WaPo’s Beer Madness Results Actually Matter This Year

Last week, the Washington Post announced the final results of its annual Beer Madness tournament. For the past five years, the Post's food section has put together a panel of local beer enthusiasts and had them position dozens of beers against each other in a blind tasting. The Post then shares the bracket results in […]

Black and Hoppy Beers: What Do You Call ‘Em?

WaPo's Greg Kitsock and I are both beer writers in D.C., and we frequent many of the same bars, shops, and overly geeky listservs, but rarely do we actually cross paths. So it's significant that we both happened to choose the emerging "black IPA" style for our columns this week. Well, at least that's what […]

Getting Funky With Cask Apple Cider

Nearly half a year after the Washington Post's Greg Kitsock predicted that hard cider was making a comeback, drinkers in D.C. are finally seeing that trend bear fruit (ahem). However, the grown-up juice isn't coming from Virginia as Kitsock reported, but from the UK, and it's landing at Churchkey. The bar currently has three of […]

Beer Goes Nuclear

There is an arms race underway in the beer world, and a Scottish brewery has upped the ante. BrewDog, one of the newer and badder kids on the block, has gained a reputation for shocking beer drinkers with its strange concoctions. You may remember our post on Storm, the Scottish brewery's 8%-ABV Imperial IPA aged in […]