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Food News You Can Use: Panera Is Taking Over the World

Patience may be a virtue, but it's not one of mine. Let's get straight to the news: Panera Bread opened its first D.C. location over the weekend with a spot at 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW in Dupont. (Prince of Petworth) Hey, bird brain, still haven't bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet? (We haven't either.) Here are […]

Free Soup Tonight at Grapeseed in Bethesda

Not Heineman's gazpacho. Like so many other restaurateurs these days, Grapeseed chef and owner Jeff Heineman is just trying to get folks in the door. His latest ploy is to give away free soup to all his friends on Facebook — and to all the fans of a Facebook group devoted to people who hate […]

Grapeseed’s Portobello Chilaquiles: A Real, Chef-Driven Vegetarian Dish

Before even taking a bite of his portobello chilaquiles, I admired chef Jeff Heineman for adding the dish to Grapeseed's menu. I admired his willingness to look to other (non-European) cultures for inspiration. I admired his guts in promoting a spicy dish in his "American bistro" in Bethesda, and I admired the sheer cheekiness of […]