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Is Anonymity in Food Reviewing Dead?

It wasn't until Ruth Reichl stopped enjoying dressing up as characters did she retire from her gig as food critic at the The New York Times and start editing Gourmet—may it rest in peace. She joyfully wrote about her wigs and make up in Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise, […]

Is This the Most Tasteless, Self-Serving Response to Gourmet’s Death?

Y&H noticed an e-mail in his inbox with the subject line: "Gourmet statement from Edible Chesapeake." How nice, I thought. The local magazine wants to pay homage to one of the oldest and finest food magazines in the country. That's not exactly what editor Renee Brooks Catacalos decided to e-mail to the food media. Instead, […]

How to Break Down a Side of Beef

In the wake of the Times' investigation of the ground-beef industry — and its section on how quickly slaughterhouses must break down carcases — Y&H offers up this video on the proper way to butcher a side of beef. Obviously this is an apples-and-oranges comparison. Slaughterhouses must remove hides, organs, and intestines; butcher Tom Mylan […]

Get to Know Your Pork Cuts

Jeffrey Ruhalter, a delightfully cocky fourth-generation master butcher and owner of Jeffrey's Meat Market in New York City, breaks down a complete side of pork, from Boston butt to tail. Most of us will never butcher a pig in our lives, but this video for Gourmet doubles as a graphic, up-close guide to the major […]

Nothing Says Romance Like a Roomful of Strangers

Don't get me wrong. You know I love restaurants. I spend many of my waking hours in them, and when I'm not in them, I'm thinking about them, writing about them, or talking to someone about them. But when I think about all the ways I could spend Valentine's Day with my wife, just about […]