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Meatless Eats: Five Recipes to Try at Home

I think the saying is your eyes are bigger than your stomach. In my case, my hunger for reading is bigger than my appetite. While I rarely ever follow recipes, I love to read them. With no discrimination of sources, I find inspiration from cookbooks, both old (Theory and Practice of Good Cooking by James Beard) and modern […]

Home Cooking Day on Y&H: Cheddar Cauliflower Is Not What You Think

I'm sure this vegetable has been written about 10,000 times already, by packs of roaming bloggers, but when I first saw these beauties at the farmers market this weekend, I did a double take. The cauliflower florets looked like they were made out of orange Play-Doh. I had to ask the representative from Glenville Hollow […]

People, They’re Just Cupcakes. Make Your Own!

Last weekend, during the Taste of Georgetown, I had marching orders (after, that is, passing out City Paper mouse pads, which I think people use to mop up coffee spills now) to pick up cupcakes for a party Carrie and I were hosting that evening. But when I got to Georgetown Cupcake, the line to […]

Journalists, Fans Respond to Condé Nast’s Decision to Kill Gourmet Magazine

Rumors had been circulating for weeks about pending cutbacks at either Gourmet or Bon Appetit, but Condé Nast's decision today to ax editor Ruth Reichl's print baby sent shock waves through the food community (even if Gourmet's book publishing and TV operations will continue, as will the Web site). In his business story for the […]

How to Get the Most Juice Out of Your Lemons and Limes

This tip comes courtesy of Gourmet magazine. I'm going to conduct this experiment soon, because, frankly, I have doubts about it.  Can anyone else out there vouch for this approach to lemon squeezing?

Gourmet’s Estabrook Says the EU Should Grow a Pair on Fish Conservation

The Humane Society of the United States has rightfully been trumpeting its recent victory in which the European Union voted to ban the importation of Canadian harp seal products. But Barry Estabrook over at Gourmet magazine isn't so impressed with the EU's decision. Writes Estabrook:

Gourmet’s Ruth Reichl Goes Undercover Again as…Amy Winehouse?

As cheesy as this video is, it's nice to see Gourmet not take itself so seriously.

Gourmet Examines the Slave Labor That Brings Us Winter Tomatoes

Barry Estabrook's piece in the March issue of Gourmet has been making the rounds among foodies, and for good reason. It hits most of us where we live. It looks at the illegal immigrants who are turned into defacto slaves so we can enjoy our mealy winter tomatoes at a cost that's convenient to our […]