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Cask and Tell: Why Are Barrel-Aged Beers Showing Up on So Many Menus?

The Beer Issue Lager Rhythms How a Homebrewer Resurrected a Classic D.C. Lager Ready and Labeled What Would These Draft Beers Look Like in Cans and Bottles Ale Together Now The Brewer Collaborations You'll Want to Try During DC Beer Week License to Swill D.C.’s Booze Laws Allow a Way Around the Middleman. Guess Who […]

Bourbon County Stout on Tap at The Reef

Spring is a time of growth, regeneration, and love. That's the trope, but if you ask us it's also a time to get yourself on over to The Reef to take advantage of their awesome roof deck. Despite the bar's use of plastic cups (beer snob says: ugh), there's no better place on 18th Street […]

Breweries Are Going Nuts With Spinoff Imperial Stouts

Chicago's Goose Island Beer Co. will roll out several new permutations of its famous whiskey-kicked Bourbon County Stout, including coffee, orange, vanilla, blueberry, rye barrel-aged, dry-hopped, and more, the brewery announced. This follows the trend of breweries — especially those from the Midwest and Colorado — brewing endless spinoffs of their flagship imperial stouts. Founders […]

Goose Island’s Bourbon-Beer Bonanza

We like beer, and we like bourbon, but we love bourbon beer. It began last September, when we visited Oskar Blues in Lyons, Colorado. The bar onsite had two bourbon-barrel-aged beers on tap, Gordon and Ten Fidy. All it took was one sip, and we were done for. The beers were almost too good, and, […]

Beerspotter’s Top 5 Beers of 2009

It wasn't easy, but during the delicious beer year that was 2009 I managed to taste every beer in the world. Well, OK not quite. But I tasted plenty, and from spankin' fresh IPAs to spicy Belgians to face-altering sour beers, it was nearly impossible to choose the five best. Again, my job is very, […]

2009: The Year in Beer

2009 was an exciting beer for year in D.C., and not just because of the opening of Churchkey/Birch & Barley and the mega-improvement of Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont Circle — you already know all about that. No, what marked 2009 was the enormous influx of breweries expanding their distribution to D.C. If the lack of local […]

Recap: Good Beer Tasting at Red Derby

As Twitter pros know, I hosted a beer tasting last night at the Columbia Heights neighborhood bar Red Derby. A warm crowd of strangers huddled together around a dimly lit pool table in the back room, clutched beer cups in each hand, and made friends over some serious side-by-side tasting. Why side by side? Well, […]