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D.C.’s Newest Distillery, Jos. A. Magnus & Co., Revives a Century-Old Bourbon

The distillery was founded by the great-grandson of successful pre-Prohibition distiller Joseph A. Magnus.

Who’s Pouring Which Rail Liquor?

Would you like Bowman's or Grodon's in your gin and tonic?

Green Hat Gin vs. Ivy City Gin

Comparing D.C.'s Locally Made Gins

Underserved: Wisdom’s Don’t Be Bitter, Baby

This three-ingredient cocktail aims to be a stepping stone of sorts toward more bitter drinks like the negroni.

District Made Vodka and Ivy City Gin on Track for Spring Release

  D.C.'s next booze producer is one step closer to its planned spring opening. One Eight Distilling, located at 1135 Okie St. NE, received its federal permit yesterday and plans to begin construction next week. Co-founders Alexander "Sandy" Wood and Alex Laufer have also released the designs for their Ivy City Gin and District Made […]

New Columbia Distillers to Release Limited Edition Barrel-Aged Gin-Aquavit Hybrid

On Nov. 2, New Columbia Distillers will release its most unusual seasonal spirit yet: a gin-aquavit hybrid aged in apple brandy barrels. The Ginavit, as it's being called, combines the flavors of the traditional wintertime Scandinavian aperitif—dill, caraway, star anise—with some of Green Hat Gin's botanicals, including juniper, orange peel, and lemon peel.

How to Make Your Own Gin Without Getting Arrested

“I am an alcohol enthusiast,” Joe Maiellano says. “I guess that’s the polite way of putting it.” The 28-year-old political fundraiser from Arlington and his business partner, 28-year-old Jack Hubbard, a nonprofit fundraiser who lives in Georgetown, are definitely serious about their spirits. So serious that they wanted to start a gin distillery in the D.C. […]

Bring On The Botanicals! D.C. Distillery Aims To Make Gin By Summer

Fans of D.C.'s own Gin Rickey could have a hometown spirit on hand for their native cocktails this summer. Y&H colleague Lydia DePillis over at Housing Complex has the scoop on a new distillery now under construction in Ivy City, which aims to be cranking out locally made gin within the next six months or […]

Oh, Rickey, You’re So Fine: D.C.’s Native Cocktail Gets Some Official Love

Local liquor aficionados will join D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans on Thursday in reading an official proclamation declaring the Rickey as Washington’s native cocktail, according to the AP. July will be officially known as "Rickey month" in the District. Some quick history: the Rickey, made with gin or whiskey, fresh lime juice and club soda, was invented […]