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Giffords Ice Cream Sold! Now To Become…Gifford’s Ice Cream

How's this for synergy in the world of corporate takeovers? Maryland's once-storied yet lately beleaguered Gifford's Ice Cream chain has been bought up by a company from Maine called Gifford's Ice Cream. Full details in press release form below:

Free Gifford’s Ice Cream! The Real Thing, Not Some Imposter

On Saturday, May 7, the first 500 customers to arrive at the grand re-opening celebration of Gifford's Ice Cream in Chevy Chase will receive a free vanilla ice cream cone. That's the real Gifford's ice cream, mind you; not some cheap knock-off. You'll recall that the Chevy Chase location of the storied ice cream chain […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Write a fake food guide for a fake political rally, and real people will actually read it. Some might even take it too seriously. (Or not.) Maybe the guide's popularity just means that, whether we're talking about politics or places to dine, people are more in a mood to laugh than labor loudly over the […]

WaPo Explains the Chilly Business Deal Behind Gifford’s Ice Cream

Stop whatever you're doing right now and read Michael S. Rosenwald's Sunday A-1 story about the nightmarish business deal that has marred the public face of Gifford's Ice Cream, a local company that can trace its roots back to 1938. The Post nailed this investigation into the small Silver Spring ice cream chain, whose wholesale […]