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Tunnicliff’s Tavern Comes Close to the Reuben of My Dreams

Late at night, while the rest of the city dreams of illicit encounters and lost loved ones, I dream about the perfect Reuben sandwich. In my nocturnal haze, I’m at a bar, my fingers wrapped around two lightly buttered, not-so-greasy, perfectly toasted pieces of rye. My teeth sink into meltingly tender slices of corned beef […]

The ‘American’ Section in a German Grocery Store

If you want a glimpse at how other cultures view American gastronomy, check out this U.S. "ethnic" food section in a German gourmet megastore. I have three words for you: cheap processed foods. By the way, what kind of American expat living in Germany can't survive without Crisco and Marshmallow Fluff?