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Tipping Point: Some D.C. Restaurants Are Taking a Closer Look at Eliminating Tips

Danny Meyer is eliminating gratuities at his restaurant group in favor of paying employees a wage. Some D.C. restaurateurs are now watching closely to see if this is a model worth adopting themselves.

The D.C. Dining Scene’s Most Prolific Tweeters

Which D.C. restaurant and bar folks have the biggest followings?

Chef Geoff Tracy Defends Restaurant Week

Yesterday, Cashion's Eat Place general manager and co-owner Justin Abad shared his thoughts on the "excessive opportunism" of Restaurant Week and why his Adams Morgan restaurant refuses to participate. Today, we hand the mic over to Chef Geoff's and Lia's owner Geoff Tracy, whose five restaurants participate in the promotion, to explain why he embraces Restaurant Week. […]

Storm Be Damned, Restaurants Will Serve On

A surprising number of restaurants and bars is staying open despite Metro closings and severe weather warnings. And while restaurateurs say they're playing it by ear, many are die-hards about not closing—no matter what. "I hate closing," says Chef Geoff's Geoff Tracy. "Restaurant people are hardworking people, and they're not looking to stay at home and […]

Chef Geoff Drinking on the Bus

Chef Geoff's owner Geoff Tracy started his career as a busboy, and now he's a bus boy again. Tracy's mug with a mug is making its way around town on about 20 buses. You can also spot him at the Rockville, Twinbrook, and White Flint Metro stops. Tracy says this is the first time he's […]

Chef Geoff Tracy Moving to New York

Just days before the opening of a new Rockville restaurant, Chef Geoff's owner Geoff Tracy tells Dining Bisnow he and his family are moving to New York. Tracy, who's lived in the Washington since 1991, explains that his wife Norah O'Donnell has a new job as co-host of CBS This Morning. "That's an opportunity that […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Silly Plating Edition

The best day to snag that coveted Valentine's Day reservation is yesterday. [Urbanspoon via Eater] A chat with nomadic "silly plating"-hating pizzaiolo Edan MacQuaid. [Borderstan] José Andrés' has a D.C. food truck in the works. [Dining Bisnow] Arlington-based District Taco plans to open not one but two locations within the actual District. [Washingtonian] Spike Mendelsohn's […]

Chef Geoff Stops by The Today Show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy You might ask yourself how Chef Geoff, of all of D.C.'s talented toques, got some face time  yesterday on The Today Show. The answer comes several minutes into this clip: The chef's wife, Norah O’Donnell, is his Peacock Network connection. She's chief Washington correspondent […]