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Quick Feeding: Gillian Clark’s Landlord Speaks, TJ’s Mac and Cheese, and Hill Country-ese

Back and Forth: For those keeping score in the battle between Gillian Clark and her landlord over the now-closed General Store near Silver Spring? Tim Carman tracked down Spiro Gioldasis, who said there "was a simple reason for his tax woes: Clark and General Store co-owner Robin Smith owed him back rent dating to April […]

Gillian Clark Details Reasons for General Store Shuttering

Gillian Clark, perhaps better known for her testy interactions with customers than her Bobby Flay-famous fried chicken, might be out of a restaurant. This afternoon, word trickled out about the sudden closure of The General Store. The following message was posted to The General Store's Facebook page: It's with heavy hearts we're announcing that The General […]

Growing Up, Gillian Clark Couldn’t Call Anyone ‘Stupid’

In today's Washington Post, Tim Carman details the life and work of chef Gillian Clark, formerly of Colorado Kitchen, currently of General Store, and recently infamous for a collection of YouTube videos that showed off her rough-and-tumble persona with customers. Some nuggets from Carman's profile: "...Clark and her four older siblings were not allowed to […]

Gillian Clark Reveals the Secrets of Her Buttermilk Fried Chicken

In case you missed it last month, as Y&H did, chef Gillian Clark made an appearance on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, during which the General Store owner spilled the secrets to several of her best dishes, as if helpless against the spiky haired, bro-centric charms of Guy Fieri. She even gave the dude a demo […]

Gillian Clark Targets a March 2011 Opening for the Georgia Ave. Meeting House

It's been nearly two years since Y&H first reported about Gillian Clark's Petworth project, the Georgia Avenue Meeting House, and since that time the chef's other planned eatery, Avenue Oven in Takoma Park, has gone the way of the Adventists. Given the lack of news about the Georgia Avenue Meeting House, I'd begun to fear […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: The General Store

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard the stories about General Store customers feeling as welcome as guns in the Wizards locker room. The truth is, I’ve stood there at the counter myself and felt the storm clouds roll in, as chef Gillian Clark and business partner Robin Smith performed their jobs with a tight-lipped austerity, as if […]

Top-Flight Fried Chicken at Hershey’s in Gaithersburg

The waitress at Hershey's in Gaithersburg informs me that the restaurant's famous fried chicken is not Maryland-style, no matter what the joint's address may be. "Does that mean you deep fry your chicken?" I ask innocently. "I can't even tell you that," she responds, quick as a whip. The top-secret nature of Hershey's fried chicken […]

The General Store’s Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich, Which Wasn’t So Soft

I could have done without my first bite of Gillian Clark's soft-shell crab sandwich at the General Store. As soon as I bit through the crustacean's semi-soft outer body, I was splattered with a jet-stream of yellow-green matter, likely a combination of eggs and tomalley. My new shirt now looked like a painter's smock. My […]

This Week’s Most Popular Posts on Young & Hungry

Two older posts continue to fascinate the readership of Young & Hungry. One is tragic. The other practically comedic. After that, the Top 5 posts of the week shape up this way: Gillian Clark's General Store Now Available for Sit-Down Service Saigon Bistro: A Best of D.C. Contender or Just a Pretender? Scene 1 from […]

So When Will the Post Office Tavern Open?

Earlier this week, I noted that Gillian Clark and Robin Smith finally got their certificate of occupancy from Montgomery County, which cleared the way for them to (finally) open the General Store as a sit-down restaurant. Which is great. I was really tired of eating fried chicken in the car. But what about the Store's […]