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Food News You Can Use: ‘Top Chef’ D.C. Contestants ‘Suck Balls’

The mood over this season's Top Chef is turning dark. The critics are claiming the cheftestants (still can't stomach that word) are inferior to previous seasons. Hell, they can't even make a pie. The media have their say: Joe Yonan and Bonnie Benwick over at WaPo, ahem, knead-le the chefs over their pies: "If you […]

Food News You Can Use: Top Chef D.C. Edition

You've already seen my thoughts on the debut episode of Top Chef D.C. Let's find out what others had to say about Tom and Padma's trip to the District. Joe Yonan at WaPo notes that the reality TV program has an unusual sense of "reality." TV Guide loved the debut and called the D.C. episode […]

D.C. DailyCandy Will Be More of a Weekly Treat

Gawker broke the news last week that DailyCandy was going to cut down on the sweets in more than half of the 11 U.S. cities that the food, fashion, and shopping e-newsletter serves. Beginning next month, DailyCandy subscribers in seven markets, including Philadelphia and Washington D.C., will receive local content only two times a week, […]

Times’ New Dining Critic Gets His First Reviews

Just a day after the New York Times announced that Sam Sifton would be its next restaurant reviewer, the blogosphere and the dead-tree media have been tirelessly carving up the critic like a roast pig. Here's a taste of what's been written about Sifton so far: Eater.con has put together a dossier on Sifton. It […]