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Quick Feeding: Tortilla Chip Troubleshooting 101

Guacamole MacGyvers: Some helpful tips if you venture to Gaithersburg's Tortacos: "The guacamole was excellent–the drawback there was that their chips are made from flour tortillas, not corn, and were overfried to boot. Porcupine came up with the brilliant solution of taking one of the double corn tortillas comprising each of the tacos, tearing it […]

Top-Flight Fried Chicken at Hershey’s in Gaithersburg

The waitress at Hershey's in Gaithersburg informs me that the restaurant's famous fried chicken is not Maryland-style, no matter what the joint's address may be. "Does that mean you deep fry your chicken?" I ask innocently. "I can't even tell you that," she responds, quick as a whip. The top-secret nature of Hershey's fried chicken […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Uma Mali

After six years working at the Subway in Cleveland Park (3520 Connecticut Ave. NW), you'd think manager Uma Mali would get sick of the airy bread, the pressed meats, the sliced cukes. But no. "I eat it every day. I never get tired of the sandwiches," she says. Today it was the veggie burger: "I […]