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When ‘Apps’ No Longer Means Appetizers: The Growing Gadgetry of Gastronomy

It's going to get a lot tougher for chefs to complain about customers' cell phone use at the dinner table. At least with a straight face. Restaurants everywhere are rolling out their own flickering gadgets: the new Elisir has its wine list on an Android tablet, 901 has illuminated its entire menu at nighttime on […]

Food News You Can Use: Is D.C. a ‘Food City’? Are You Tired of People Asking?

There's lots of news to pass along, so let's not waste time with idle blog-chat. The Prez parties at graham elliot in Chicago for his 49th. [Obama Foodorama] Is D.C. a "food city" or just a second-rate Big Apple? [Grub Street] Metrocurean is getting a facelift, complete with video. [Metrocurean]

Turn Your Old VCR into a Toaster

Instructables can tell you how to transform a VHS machine that once captivated to your eyes and ears into one that'll tickle your taste buds.