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Celebrate President’s Day With Barley Wine at Pizzeria Paradiso

What better way to commemorate the lives of former great heads of state than drinking really strong beer? This weekend for President's Day, Pizzeria Paradiso in Dupont Circle is offering an opportunity to try your own hand at Drunk History. All day Sunday and Monday, the restaurant will be featuring all barley wines on draft […]

Sarah Silverman’s Warm Childhood Memories of Thanksgiving

Sarah Silverman's Thanksgiving Special from Sarah Silverman If you know Silverman, you know this animated video is NSFW. Best line: "I don't think it was the turkey's top 5 favorite moment either." Video courtesy of Funny or Die

Is It Delivery or Is It DiGiorno? Or Is It DiGiorno Delivery?

DiGiorno Delivery from Paul Scheer A little afternoon humor from The Midnight Show.

The ‘Top Chef’ Parody Video

Top Chef: Hungry Ladies – watch more funny videos Everything is better with bacon on it. Maybe even this video.

Here’s One Thing You Can Do with Leftover Cadbury Creme Eggs

This is, without a doubt, the most elaborate, most amazing Rube Goldberg machine Y&H has ever seen. Things to Do with a Cadbury Cream Egg – watch more funny videos

Eating a Bowl of Cereal, Michael Bay-Style

This is too damn funny. All that's missing is this line from The Rock: "I love pressure. I eat it for breakfast." Michael Bay eating a bowl of cereal. – watch more funny videos

Well, That’s One Way to Tell if Your Date Is From a Good Vintage

Vid courtesy of Funny or Die. Frankly, my dog conducts this ritual every night. Wine Date – watch more funny videos