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D.C. Corner Stores Aren’t Just for Junk Food Anymore

The first thing you notice at T&G Grocery in Eckington is the ceiling-high wall of Cheetos and Doritos facing the attendant’s protective glass box. Beyond that, you see packaged doughnuts and cream-filled Little Debbie cakes. Up until about three years ago, the healthiest thing you’d find at this corner store was bananas. “Eight grapes, stacked […]

My Day in Chinatown/Penn Quarter Food and Drink

The weather was so warm on Saturday, really more summer than spring, that Carrie and I decided to wander the streets of Chinatown/Penn Quarter, going from lunch to dessert to cheese to beer to wherever the spirit took us. I feel bad in retrospect. We didn't explore Chinablock, the small strip of real estate that […]