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Free Beer! No, Really: Budweiser Fights Sales Slump With Give-Away Happy Hours

Budweiser's brand is losing ground, so the suits in St. Louis have decided on a sure-fire marketing approach: free beer. What better way to get people to drink Bud, right? But the question remains: is free cheap enough? Pundits on CNBC's Power Lunch discuss whether or not the strategy will work but don't get out […]

Eli Hengst Responds to the Haters about Blue Ridge’s Evolution

A few weeks back, I wrote about Blue Ridge's switch from a wine-oriented, celebrity chef-driven restaurant to a casual, beer-focused concept with no named toque in the kitchen. The owners carefully explained that they had misread Glover Park and its needs, that they tried to give the 'hood something it didn't want. Some readers bristled […]

TGIF: A Really, Really Cold One

An innovative way of winning free beer. Here's a totally useless trick. All you need is a gullible victim to bet you a case of your favorite brew that you can't freeze a beer in under three seconds... because, as it turns out, you can. No British accent required.