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Food News You Can Use: Why Fried Turkeys and Four Lokos Suck

Mike Shanahan's decision-making on Sunday may have been a bitter pill to swallow, but we're here today to rinse the nasty taste out of your mouth. Straight to the food news: A new Tryst-type spot called Bistro 18 will be opening up where Oya's Mini Bazaar and African Art used to be at 2420 18th […]

How Much Should a Writer Reveal When Reviewing a Strip Club Steakhouse?

That was the question I pondered after a City Paper editorial meeting last week in which editor Michael Schaffer, showing off again his ridiculous ability for recall, pointed out that Frank Bruni came out of the closet with his review of the Penthouse Executive Club for the Times. For the record, Bruni didn't exactly claim […]

Every Chef’s Fantasy Comes to the Big Screen in ‘Bitter Feast’

The trailer for Bitter Feast strikes me as way too serious for a film that feels like it should be a send-up of Swimming with Sharks or Hostel. I mean, the very premise sounds like a bad joke (or a chef's wish fulfillment): a canned cook takes revenge on a food blogger whose harsh critique […]

Deconstructing Frank Bruni’s Ability to Make Restaurants Nervous

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Exclusive – Backstage with Frank Bruni Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Protests This is skit from the Colbert Report — I'm not even sure it actually aired, since I didn't see the former New York Times dining critic's appearance on the show […] Handicaps the Field in the Frank Bruni Replacement Sweepstakes is first out of the gate to handicap the 25 horses who may or may not be vying for the winner's circle that is Frank Bruni's gig as restaurant critic for the New York Times. OK, forget my tortured metaphor, but I'm not sure half the people on Eater's list would darken the Times […]

This Just In: Frank Bruni Is Vacating His Post as the Times’ Restaurant Critic

Ending his sometimes controversial five-year tenure as the New York Times' restaurant critic, Frank Bruni announced today that he is stepping down from his post as the most powerful food critic in the country. According a memo posted this afternoon on the Diner's Journal blog, Times Executive Editor Bill Keller said Bruni's departure is only […]