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Can a Food Writer Go Meatless for a Month?

We all have to eat for our well being, but not all of us have to eat for a living. Missy Frederick does. The restaurant and retail writer for the Washington Business Journal dines at area restaurants about five (or more) times a week, trying new menus and scouting out expired leases. But for March […]

Dissecting Tom Sietsema’s 2010 Dining Guide

Red Hook Lobster Pound truck: street food makes the Dining Guide WaPo's Tom Sietsema released his 2010 Dining Guide online yesterday, and in between other tasks, I've been combing through it to understand how the critic views the current restaurant scene. Before I get to the nuggets that I've mined, though, I should note what […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Present

Unlike Four Sisters, Fall Church’s other perennial favorite for Vietnamese cooking, Present enjoyed a meteoric rise almost from the day it opened. Yours truly contributed to the hype last year, when I called it, without much hesitation, the “area’s best Vietnamese restaurant.” Like others who’ve visited Present since its initial rush of positive press, I’ve […]

Seeking Nominees for City Paper’s Inaugural D.C. Dish Hall of Fame

The Margherita at 2Amys: Does it make the cut? Earlier this week, I was noshing on the roast chicken at Palena Cafe, reveling once again in Frank Ruta's ability to add and coax flavors from this generous, succulent portion of breast, wing, and leg meat. That's when the thought struck me: This is, hands-down, one […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Four Sisters

Chef Hoa Lai of Four Sisters One by one, we’re running through the 50 restaurants that made the cut on this year’s Young & Hungry Dining Guide. If you have visited the day’s featured restaurant, let us know what you think. If you’re planning to visit for the first time, tell us about your meal […]

Garden Rolls Are Porking Out

The pork-laden product at Pho 14 Salad or garden rolls, not to be confused by their deep-fried cousin, the spring roll, have always been one of my favorite Vietnamese appetizers. These gorgeous, transparent cylinders of rice paper come stuffed with a jungle of rice vermicelli, thin strips of pork, crispy lettuce, bright orange curls of […]