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Quick Feeding: Relishing a Government Shutdown; Sietsema Hates the Word ‘Veggie’

Open for Business: The federal government may be shutting down, but that doesn't mean some of the city's hot restaurant areas, like H Street NE, will be dark. Tweets one neighborhood denizen: "Feds might shut down your computer, B'berry, send U home, but #HSt will be OPEN!! Great food, cold beer, baseball on big TVs. […]

Vegivore: Do Labels Legitimize a Movement?

Do you call yourself a foodie? Or does the word burn your tongue like Sriracha? I fall in the latter category, but that's only after years of abundant and abusive usage of that food-obsessed term. It seems everyone claims foodie status, because at this point, watching Food Network for two hours a night can verify club […]