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ABC Board Orders Heritage India To Stick To Food

Blood-stained Dupont Circle eatery Heritage India will be allowed to reopen for business on Dec. 21, provided it meets a number of conditions spelled out by city liquor regulators on Tuesday. The restrictions include: No live music or entertainment of any kind (that includes disc jockeys). Also: no promoters. The city's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) […]

Jacques Pépin Doesn’t Think Much Of D.C.’s Food Scene

“I appreciate the couple of times I was there. I went to local markets—Vietnamese and Thai, and they were all very good. That to me is always great, I love to go to markets.”—Celebrity chef Jacques Pépin, one of several boldface names heading to D.C.'s upcoming Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show, when asked by Washingtonian […]

Are Rich People Stifling D.C.’s Dining Scene?

When Travel + Leisure ranked America's best cities for foodies, the District didn't crack the Top 10—heck, it barely made the Top 20. One thing holding D.C. back in terms of culinary achievement, according to the Huffington Post: High incomes. So argues Eli Lehrer: Yes, this is a disadvantage. A lot of the best and […]

A ‘Very Soft Opening’ Tonight At Michael Landrum’s No-Name, No-Menu Restaurant In Arlington

Y&H alum and Washingtonian critic Todd Kliman reports on the "very soft opening" of eccentric Ray's the Steaks proprietor Michael Landrum's new restaurant in Arlington tonight. The details are sketchy to say the least: “We don’t have a name, the menu is still to be decided, but there will be food and there will be […]

It’s D.C. Restaurant Week. Do You Care?

Monday marks the start of "Restaurant Week" in the District, with more than 200 area restaurants participating in the price-fixed meal promotion. This time around, lunch is set at $20.11 and dinner is $35.11. (Read the full list of participating eateries here.) For diners, the upside is simple: the deal offers you the chance to […]

From ‘Cherry Pie’ To ‘Milkshake,’ 30 Years of Food in Music Videos

As MTV celebrates its 30th anniversary this week, Smithsonian's Food & Think blog examines the use of various foodstuffs in music videos—oh, you know, those visual promos for pop songs that you used to see on the cable network before the Real World and Jersey Shore came along. As you can probably guess, a lot […]

The Fad Hatter: Chef José Andrés Rocks the Newsboy Cap

Move over, tired old toque! D.C. chefs have a new style icon: the newsboy cap, validated by none other than the District's best known kitchen boss,  José Andrés. You've seen the famed chef sporting the dapper headgear on the Today Show, on CNN, and also mingling among guests at his new pop-up restaurant, America Eats […]

No Real Rabbit at Rabbit Restaurant, Just ‘Rabbit Food’

Rabbit, the latest effort from Tangysweet and Red Velvet Cupcakery proprietor Aaron Gordon, is scheduled to open in Clarendon in late July. Just to be clear: the place derives its name from the phrase "rabbit food," that is, salads and such, which it will serve. Not actual rabbit, as in bunny meat, a rep recently […]

Lost Society in Translation: What Does ‘Boutique Steakhouse’ Even Mean?

In the magical world of marketing, the term "boutique" is bandied around as an instant signifier of cool cred. You see it in the lodging industry, for example, used to describe virtually any place not labeled Hilton, Marriott, or Motel 6, otherwise identified through its modish furnishings and eco-friendly towel-laundering policies. Which brings us to […]

Tom Sietsema Doesn’t Hate Bethesda, Just Bethesda-ness

Bethesda diners, brace yourselves! This weekend, The Washington Post's Tom Sietsema has a Sunday restaurant review on Food, Wine & Co. If you read Carole Sugarman's "Why Washington Food Critics Hate Bethesda" piece in the current issue of Bethesda magazine, you'll probably assume that Sietsema will automatically hate the place. In fact, Sietsema kicks off […]