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This Secret Document Helps D.C. Restaurants Keep Tabs on Food Writers

For about two years, a handbook with photos of and details about D.C.'s food critics and writers has been quietly circulating among a handful of upscale restaurants in town. Its author, who shared the document on the condition of anonymity, tells me he created it to better equip managers, maitre d's, servers, and hosts to recognize […]

Time Mazagine Says Food Tweets Are Boring

Let me see if I have this straight: Time writer Josh Ozersky, he of Wedding Gate, spends nearly 1,000 words (nearly one thousand words!) to tell us that food Tweets are boring. That they don't say anything. That Ruth Reichl's staccato dreaminess makes his head swell like a puffer fish. Ozersky also wants us food […]

Mouthing Off: Y&H Readers Have Their Say

Did we destroy the myth of Maryland fried chicken? The thought struck me recently that I ask a lot from you, faithful Y&H Nation. Many of you respond in kind, perhaps hoping your words will one day appear in the newsletter (sign up at right!) or blog. And what do I do? I sit on […]

15 Ways That Chefs and Food Writers Are Alike

Don't ask why, but the other day, I started thinking about how chefs and food writers are alike, how our similarities may outweigh our differences. Maybe I was hoping both sides in this parasitic relationship could see each other with more clarity. Or maybe I was just looking for another blog item. Whatever, below are a few […]

What Cookbooks Do Local Food Writers Favor?

My friend and food writer, Melissa McCart, recently asked a bunch of us food scribblers what cookbooks we like. For someone like me, it's sort of like asking what children's books I enjoy. It feels like it's been a long time since I regularly cracked open a cookbook to actually cook something. Such a sad, […]