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Dam Good and Sweet: National Honors for Engert, Wabeck, and Guas

Three local food and drink experts earned national recognition this month. In its latest issue, Food & Wine magazine named its sommeliers of the year, a select group of seven taste-makers that includes two from the D.C. area. John Wabeck from Inox was honored for his "incredibly thoughtful, food-friendly list that's heavy on Burgundy." But […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Ball Shots

As we noted before, a classic, old-fashioned ball shot is always good for a cheap laugh. It seems some bloggers, though, just don't dig on cheap laughs, or at least cheap laughs below the belt, like Lemmonex over at Culinary Couture, who published a photo of two big homemade matzo balls, about the size of […]

Put a Little Fabio into Your Christmas Dinner

Food & Wine recently published a short interview with former Maestro chef Fabio Trabocchi who talks about his dirt-poor upbringing in the remote Marche region of Italy. Despite having a wardrobe that consisted of "three shirts and three pairs of pants," Trabocchi says his family "never stinted on Christmas." “A few days before Christmas, we […]