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Ramen Corner

At first glance, the listing for “pig ramen” seems as alien as SpaghettiOs on a sushi menu. Among the lamb and pork meatballs and Carolina smoked barbecue available at The Pig, Logan Circle’s newest hog-centric Americana eatery, I’m surprised to find a bowl of Asian noodle soup. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. In a time when […]

Pizza: Sooo Hot Right Now

Newsflash: people like pizza. A lot. Maybe more now than ever. According to a recent poll by the food industry research group Technomic, 41 percent of consumers say they’re now gobbling up a slice or two at least once a week, compared to 26 percent just two years ago—a new stat that's sure to please […]

Table Scraps: 2011 Most Irritating Food Trends

In my first year as your trusty guide to matters culinary in Washington, I’ve sampled an awful lot of meals. I took down a 24-course tasting menu at R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24, sampled an assembly-line Vietnamese hoagie at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, and slurped ramen after braving the grueling wait at Toki Underground. But as […]

For the Young & Hungry: What’s Out for 2010 and What’s In for 2011

Food trucks flooded our streets and Twitter feeds. Connecticut Avenue welcomed a whole lot of ground-meat options (and then kicked one out.) In an age of comfort food, family-style Italian filled our carb-deprived bellies. But will mobile food, burgers and comfort food dominate 2011? Will small plates finally die? Here's our break down on what […]

Whole Foods Wants to Be Your Prep Cook

While grocery shopping for this year's Thanksgiving meal, I spotted these shrink-wrapped wonders at my local Whole Foods. My first thought was what kind of over-privileged priss-ball can't chop his own friggin' vegetables? My second thought was to conduct a quick price comparison. The package of chopped celery and brunoise carrots sells for $3.07. I […]

What Restaurant Trends Do Chefs Foresee for 2010?

Yesterday, Y&H shared a small, informal survey about what food will be the next "pork belly." Today, we have a larger, slightly more scientific survey from the National Restaurant Association, which polled more than 1,800 chefs for their thoughts on future restaurant trends. While there are few surprises, I find it interesting that the chefs […]

The English Take on Food Trends for 2010

I feel sort of bad subjecting you, first thing in the morning, to eight-plus minutes of what sounds like an English hostage taker rattling off demands. (Think Hans in Die Hard: "The following people are to be released from their captors: In Northern Ireland, the seven members of the New Provo Front..."). OK, I tease, but, […]

What Are the Coming Food Trends for 2009? Turkey Legs!

Baum + Whiteman, the self-described "world's pre-eminent food + restaurant consulting company," has predicted the top 13 trends we can expect to see next year in the increasingly fragile hospitality industry. B+W warms up to its list with this caveat: "The global economic meltdown is forcing profound changes in the hotel and restaurant world. Costly […]