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Restaurant Additions

Coffee and sandwiches + $250 tasting menu + oyster tower cocktail + ticketed reservations − Saturday and Sunday reservations = Pineapple and Pearls

The Weirdest and Most Unique Pieces of Equipment in D.C. Kitchens

Including a paint sprayer and a separatory funnel

Garnishes Gone Wild at Tiki Bar Archipelago

Including lime frog and bananapus

Which D.C. Tasting Menus Are Priciest?

Prepare to spend $620 for a meal!

Where to Find Poke in D.C.

The raw marinated fish dish can be found on at least five local menus.

One-of-a-Kind Seats at D.C.-Area Restaurants and Bars

Including stools made with Vespa scooter seats

What’s Inside Guerilla Vending’s Six Custom Vending Machines?

Banh mi, kombucha, condoms, and more!

The Cheesiest Valentine’s Day Specials, Ranked

Including stinky breath dishes and specials for people on a Tinder date

&pizza Versus Timber Pizza Co.: How Do Their Reuben Pizzas Compare?

Pastrami on a pizza

Little Sesame’s Hummus Bowls, Dissected

Hummus is no longer just a side.