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The Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Matrix

Whether you’re craving something high-brow or low, consult our breakfast sandwich matrix for the perfect sandwich to meet your preferences and price point.

Eat Your Animals: Where to Find Exotic Proteins on D.C. Area Menus

Chow down on elk, antelope, and alligator.

Price and Size Comparing D.C.’s New Fast-Casual Pizza Joints

The fast-casual pizza scene is officially hotter than a 900-degree oven. At least seven local shops now serve customizable pies baked in two minutes or less. SpinFire Pizza, co-founded by Washington football team wide receiver Pierre Garçon, opened last week in Rosslyn. &pizza now has a dozen shops and counting. Pizza Studio, which already has […]

2015 RAMMY Nominations, By the Numbers

Who dominated? How many female chefs were recognized? And how neglected were Maryland restaurants?

Nacho Mama’s Nachos: Unconventional Takes on the Classic Snack

From DGS Delicatessen, Right Proper, and more

Grilled Cheese Throwdown: GCDC vs. Melt Shop

Y&H rated the restaurants’ classic grilled cheeses, Buffalo chicken grilled cheeses (the one signature sandwich they have in common), tater tots, and namesake sauces.

Where to Find Signature Oysters

Passion Food Hospitality and Hank's Oyster Bar have both started selling new signature oyster in recent months.

Where to Eat Offal and Awfully Named Dishes For Valentine’s Day

It’s all a bit black-and-white: eternal bliss and flutes of Champagne for the taken, mountains of garlic bread and organ meats for those sending caustic glances their direction.

Fad to the Bone

Take a look at Red Apron's bone broth offerings.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Brabo’s Sturgeon Bacon

“Sturgeon has a fairly significant fat content, so we treat it just like pork belly."