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What To Eat Tonight: ‘Peace In The Middle East,’ A Brisket-Falafel Sandwich, at Fruit Bat

Achieving true peace in the Middle East may seem hard to imagine. For now, we can at least enjoy its culinary equivalent. I'm referring, of course, to the "Peace In The Middle East" sandwiches that Pound The Hill's Kahlil Ghannam will be in the kitchen making tonight on special at Fruit Bat.  Blending brisket and […]

What To Eat Tonight: Get Some Tongue at Urbana

Tonight: of all the various Valentine's Day-themed promotions, Urbana Chef John Critchley's current bar specials might be the most tongue in cheek. I mean that literally. Critchley is serving up hearts (palm and calf), cheeks (pork and veal) and tongues (beef and lamb) priced from $7 to $12 per plate. What better way to internalize […]

What To Eat Today: Free Fuel Pizza (If You Hurry)

At noon today, the new Fuel Pizza opens on K Street NW. The first 50 people in line will win a year's worth of free food. Well, sort of, anyway. Washingtonian explains: "Each will receive a coupon book with one gratis item every week for 52 weeks, ranging from a combo meal to a whole […]

Free Burgers!

Z-Burger in Tenleytown is at it again on Friday—giving away free burgers to anyone who knows the correct phrase. This time, just say, "My diet can wait!" And you'll get a complimentary single hamburger, cheeseburger, veggie burger or turkey burger (limited to one per customer). For a taste of other daily deals, as well as […]

This Weekend: Green Eggs & Ham at Room 11 & More

Tiny but mighty popular wine bar Room 11 in Columbia Heights is trying something new this weekend: Sunday brunch. "We've been wanting to do it for a long time," says chef and co-owner Ben Gilligan."But, logistically, it's a bit of a headache. It's hard for us to do it in the summer because I have […]

Food News You Can Use: Why Fried Turkeys and Four Lokos Suck

Mike Shanahan's decision-making on Sunday may have been a bitter pill to swallow, but we're here today to rinse the nasty taste out of your mouth. Straight to the food news: A new Tryst-type spot called Bistro 18 will be opening up where Oya's Mini Bazaar and African Art used to be at 2420 18th […]