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Every Chef’s Fantasy Comes to the Big Screen in ‘Bitter Feast’

The trailer for Bitter Feast strikes me as way too serious for a film that feels like it should be a send-up of Swimming with Sharks or Hostel. I mean, the very premise sounds like a bad joke (or a chef's wish fulfillment): a canned cook takes revenge on a food blogger whose harsh critique […]

Creative Loafing Atlanta’s Food Editor Talks About Anonymity

Y&H loves how Besha Rodell at our sister paper takes anonymity to its laughable extreme, complete with digitally altered voice. You can read her feature on food critic anonymity here.

A ‘Fan’ Letter to National

Dear Editors at National, Allow me to begin this letter with an apology: I'm sorry for not writing earlier. Over the weeks, I've become a huge fan of your renegade editorial approach of poaching other people's content and reposting it on your Web site for fun and profit. You are leading food writing bravely […]

Cathal Armstrong on Food Critics

Next week, we here at WCP will drop our annual Best of D.C. issue, which has required a lot of remedial eating on my part, including a recent dinner in the Tasting Room at Restaurant Eve. Carrie and I dined there on Saturday, and the only strange thing about the experience was that neither one […]

Y&H Agrees to Get Grilled on Warren Rojas’ Weekly Chat

There's a valid reason why Y&H has donated his services to Warren Rojas' weekly chat, Grill Warren, over at Northern Virginia magazine: I'm an idiot. I mean, I must be crazy to subject myself to the grilling of another publication's readers. But there you have it: At 11 a.m. tomorrow, you can hit me with […]

What Does a Snowbound Food Critic Do?

My new smoker trying to survive snOMG '09. Saturday was such a mixed blessing. I loved lounging around with Carrie and Coltrane, watching TV reporters/police detectives go batshit over the weather and/or snowball fights. But I really needed to use the day to suss out two more spots for my year-end best new restaurants list.  So what did I […]

Take a Look Inside Tom Sietsema’s Fridge

[iframe url="'s%20TV%20Dinners%3A%20Episode%201%20-%20Tom's%20Fridge&" width="420" height="270"] If you're a dedicated Tom Sietsema fan, you might be interested in this fun piece of video fluff: a look inside the Post critic's fridge. Interestingly enough, there's not much there. No take-away cartons from local restaurants. No rotting cheese from Cowgirl Creamery.  Not even a bottle of half-drunk milk or […]

Y&H Doesn’t Plan to Trash the Place

Not the chops in question...and I don't plan to reveal the real ones. I may lose respect with Former Staffer (see below), but after considerable deliberation, I have decided to save my powder for another day. I'm not going to empty my guns on the unfortunate restaurant that caused me to seek the counsel of […]

Houston Food Critic Gets Swine Flu, Keeps On Eating for a Living

Jay Francis serves as Walsh's cheese supplier My bud Robb Walsh, the restaurant critic for the Houston Press, may be the first food writer in the country to catch swine flu. Or, as Walsh wondered aloud on his Twitter feed, the "first one dumb enough to admit it?" Truth be told, Walsh thinks he has […]

Times’ New Dining Critic Gets His First Reviews

Just a day after the New York Times announced that Sam Sifton would be its next restaurant reviewer, the blogosphere and the dead-tree media have been tirelessly carving up the critic like a roast pig. Here's a taste of what's been written about Sifton so far: Eater.con has put together a dossier on Sifton. It […]