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Endangered Sighting: A Crushed Can of Blue Raspberry Four Loko

While Glover Park’s preppy twentysomethings have been tossing their alcoholic beer cans to the ground for years, count what's pictured above as an endangered sighting: a crushed, presumably consumed can of Four Loko, the caffeinated-alcohol packed beverage that’s been discontinued after a number of state and local jurisdictions banned the product and the U.S. Food […]

Former Sen. Tom Daschle on How to Feed the World

This video was shot at the Atlantic Food Summit, which Y&H blogged about earlier this month. Personally, I'm not sure I've ever seen so many wonks in one room, but they were all smart and opinionated (kind of like journalists but in better clothes) and had all sort of ideas on how to fix the world's food […]

Front of Package Labeling: Will It Help Reduce Obesity?

One of the recurring topics at the Atlantic Food Summit today was front-of-package labeling, with its promise of giving consumers a quick reference on whether the food in question is healthy or not. The label could be a grading system or a color-coded system. It might even be a simple statement of calories per serving […]

FDA to Cheerios: You’re Claiming to Serve Drugs for Breakfast

The Food and Drug Administration apparently is getting serious about cracking down on cereal makers who love to claim that their products can lower cholesterol or cure club foot or something. The first on the FDA hit list is Cheerios, with its cheery label noting that the toasted whole-grain O's are "Clinically PROVEN to Help […]