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Quick Feeding: D.C.’s Chinatown Just Isn’t Double-Cooked Enough

Misfortune Cookie: "DC is no Beijing or Hong Kong, nor is it New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles. But there's no obvious reason that the city, accommodating a steady stream of cosmopolitan and international population, should be content dwelling in a cesspool of Chinese/ethnic food mediocrity." [The Atlantic] Head of the Class-Action: A […]

Tony and Joe’s Hit Hardest in Georgetown Flooding

"Come for the view, stay for the food!" That's the long-standing slogan of Tony and Joe's Seafood Place at Georgetown's Washington Harbour. On Monday, those "spectacular views" proved to be the restaurant's undoing when rapidly rising flood waters consumed the riverside shopping and dining complex. WRC-TV reports that Tony and Joe's was "under more than […]