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Ozersky to Five Guys Fans: You’re Mindless White Trash

File this under Fightin' Words. Burger-meister Josh Ozersky posted this on his Twitter account earlier today: Also: Five Guys is as bad a burger as there is. Their fans are basically the fast-food equivalents of Juggalos. I don't get it. For the uninitiated (like me, until five minutes ago when I Googled the term), Juggalos […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Not even the lobster truck could compete with Five Guys Last week was one for the record books, thanks to the baffling whims of the interwebs. A four-paragraph item about Five Guys topping the hamburger category in the 2010 Zagat fast food survey went viral, generating tens of thousands of hits and causing our poor […]

Y&H Gets an Unexpected Preview of the Shake Shack Concept Heading Our Way

Little did I know when I walked into Shake Shack last week in Miami — the first non-New York outlet in Danny Meyer's budding burger empire — that I was getting a preview of things to come in D.C.  But while I was away, Washington Business Journal's Missy Frederick reported that Meyer will open a […]

Five Guys Makes the Best Fast-Food Burger in the Country

So say the voters in the 2010 Zagat fast-food survey, who rated the Five Guys burger ahead of such iconic patties as those at In-N-Out Burger and McDonald's. Zagat raters also liked Five Guys fries well enough to place them second in the survey, right behind the golden spuds at the Golden Arches. All of […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Washingtonian: Steering readers to those hidden gems like Ben's Chili Bowl So was it the mention of Five Guys or KFC's Double Down that did the trick? Or maybe it was some high-fat drippiness, bun-on/bun-off combination that made you click on the item by the hundreds? Whatever the reason, there's little doubt we are still […]

Fast Food Nation: On Five Guys’ Victory and KFC’s Double Down

Here's your winner of Serious Eats' chain burger tourney. On Tuesday, KFC rolled out its Double Down chicken sandwich — I really ought to put quotes around the word "sandwich" for this bun-less creation  — and the food media immediately tore into it. Today, cardiologists everywhere are celebrating. More on that in a moment — the […]

Exercise Your Right in the Best of D.C. Readers’ Poll

Do you really want this burger to represent reader tastes this year? Hey, y'all know that you have a say in what food and drinks represent City Paper readers in our annual Best of D.C. issue, right? So are you exercising your rights in the 2010 Readers' Poll? If not, don't bitch to me when Five […]

The Readers Had Their Say in 2009, Too

As the primary author of the Young & Hungry blog, I release a lot of gas into the ether. Sometimes you readers find it noxious enough to disperse with your own counterattack. It can make for an engaging round of online gasbagging. Just take a look at the four examples that Editor Andrew and I […]

Five Guys’ Supporters Rush to the Defense of the Chain Burger

It's not enough, I guess, that the Five Guys hamburger earned a spot in our inaugural D.C. Dish Hall of Fame. The burger's many fans want the respect that goes along with the honor. Everyone's respect, in fact, and either you give it or you are,  in the words of commenter The Truth, a "douche […]

How Did Your Favorite Dishes Fare in the Hall of Fame Voting?

Earlier today on the blog, Y&H announced the inaugural class of the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame, which culiminated weeks of online balloting from more than 1,200 voters. But as we've known from Day 1, only five dishes could enter the hall, which leaves another 25 nominees out in the cold. Perhaps you're interested in […]