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Consumer Reports: Five Guys Fries Second Only To Wendy’s

WTOP highlights a new Consumer Reports, um, report rating the country's various fast-food french fries. D.C.-area-based chain Five Guys ranked No. 2, behind only Wendy's and ahead of McDonald's. Here's what the mag had to say about Five Guys' fries: "Big baked-potato flavor complemented by oil and salt. Crispness and doneness were variable."  KFC came […]

Report: Five Guys Is the Fastest Growing Restaurant Chain in America

NBC Washington draws our attention to the industry trade publication Store's Magazine, which has named the ubiquitous D.C.-area burger joint Five Guys as the fastest growing restaurant chain in the country. The business, which started out as a single location in Arlington in 1986, now boasts more than 750 locations across 40 states and parts […]

Quick Feeding: Best Deer Butt Bar in America

Classy Superlatives: Capitol Hill's historic Tune Inn earns a mention on Esquire's list of "Best Bars In America." Owner Lisa Nardelli credits the lack of pretense. We credit the mounted deer butts. [The Feast] Hankerin' For Humidity: Hitchin' up to Hill Country, Y&H alum Todd Kliman prefers his brisket "moist"—"a synonym for fatty, [this] is […]

Quick Feeding: To Be, Or Not To Be—That Is the Ketchup

Where's the Beefyness? D.C.'s newest burger import, Shake Shack, takes top honors in the so-called first ever comprehensive bi-coastal side-by-side taste test, pitting the New York-based burger chain versus California's In-N-Out versus the D.C.-area stalwart Five Guys. "As for Five Guys? Well, despite their legions of followers and rapid (perhaps too rapid?) expansion, we're mostly […]

Attack of the Potato Buns! New York’s Shake Shack Invades Five Guys Turf

Tuesday marks a new dawn in D.C. fast food, with the 11 a.m. grand opening of Danny Meyer's hallowed New York burger chain Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, a venue destined to rival the local Five Guys behemoth. Nearly four years ago, I was on the flip-side of this equation, during the opening of the […]

Comments Come True: Battle of the Grilled Cheese

Eating my way through your advice, an ambitious list of vegetarian sandwiches from 24 different restaurants. More Comments Come True. I witnessed the glory and gluttony that is a vegetarian who refuses to eat vegetables. I don't want a grilled cheese sandwich every time I crave a meatless sandwich. Sometimes, though, that is exactly what I want. While […]

Mall Food: Where to Eat After Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rallies

Two cable TV comedians are coming to town to stage a rally on the National Mall, and the political establishment isn’t sure whether to laugh, cry, or declare its own irrelevancy in the presence of fake pundits who have the drawing power of Sarah Palin at an NRA swimsuit contest. Y&H doesn’t have the bona […]

Should a Veggie Burger Imitate a Hamburger or Be Its Own Sandwich?

Even though we're reaching the end of outdoor grilling season, we are in no way done with burgers. (Well, they are, but that's a different story.) In fact, with the explosion of burger places on Connecticut Ave., NW  in Dupont, the cow invasion has even led to a bona fide nickname: Red Meat Row, coined […]

Food News You Can Use: The Ultraviolent Food Nerds Edition

It's Monday, which means it's time to dig into a big, heaping plate of food news. We start with an item close to home: Amsterdam Falafelshop is looking to franchise. Where and when? The guessing (begging?) game begins. (DCist) New Tex-Mex joint to replace AM PM Carryout at 14th and V: Liquor license and sidewalk […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Love it or hate it, Five Guys knows how to draw a crowd. The national chain and its fans drew the ire of burgermeister Josh Ozersky, who apparently doesn't put much stock in Zagat surveys, either. The interesting thing is, given the tepid reader response to Ozersky's Tweet nothings, Y&H has to wonder if readers […]