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Attack of the Potato Buns! New York’s Shake Shack Invades Five Guys Turf

Tuesday marks a new dawn in D.C. fast food, with the 11 a.m. grand opening of Danny Meyer's hallowed New York burger chain Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, a venue destined to rival the local Five Guys behemoth. Nearly four years ago, I was on the flip-side of this equation, during the opening of the […]

Quick Feeding: Five Guys Grows Like a Tree in Brooklyn

In the Baguette:  Paul, the Parisian bakery, cuts the ribbon on its first U.S. location flagship (pictured) right here in D.C. So what if it's a chain? [Greater Greater Washington] Presidential Pickle: Which fancy burger would Obama like best? [Eater DC] The Burger Bridge: Brooklyn is beginning to look a lot like Arlington, with D.C.-area […]

Quick Feeding: Grey Market to Resurface in May at Local 16

Second Grey Market Slated for Local 16: The folks behind the inaugural Grey DC Market at Kushi back in January will be hosting its second event at Local 16 in May. [PoP] Local Chain, National Footprint: Five Guys Burgers & Fries is the nation's fastest-growing eatery. [Eater Nat'l] A Lockout's Economic Fallout: Surprise! Owners of […]

The Salad Daze: Farewell, Young & Hungry

The first Young & Hungry column I wrote, almost five years ago, was a review of Miss Saigon in Georgetown. I was auditioning for the job of food columnist for Washington City Paper, and these were my marching orders in December 2005: critique a Vietnamese restaurant that no one cared about. I was puzzled, but […]