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Pineapple Impress: Chef Aaron Silverman Is Making His Own Rules for Fine Dining

The new restaurant from the Rose's Luxury chef fuses together low-end and high-end concepts.

Rose’s Luxury’s Sister Restaurant Has a Name: Pineapple and Pearls

The pineapple represents hospitality, while pearls are a symbol of elegance.

Rose’s Luxury Chef Will Host Public Preview Dinners of His New Restaurant in His Own Home

The pop-ups will last until Aaron Silverman's new restaurant opens in about a year and possibly after.

Here’s Why Elisir Is Charging You 29 Cents For Water

"The city water in D.C. is notoriously bad and in deference to our guests' health we don't want to offer 'Chateau Potomac.' If people insist, we will of course oblige them with tap water, but we feel that bottomless sparkling or still bottled water for .29[cents] is more than fair."—Justin Kraemer, general manager of Penn […]

No Babysitter? No Problem: LivingSocial Will Bring Kushi To You

D.C.-based LivingSocial is launching a new concept this week called "Room Service," which brings upscale dining to your front door—"complete with real dishes, candles and cloth napkins." Dow Jones' All Things Digital blog has the scoop. Beginning Thursday, Kushi in Mt. Vernon Square will serve as the guinea pig of the new delivery service, offering […]

What Dour Economy? Pricey New Eatery Rogue 24 Books Up Quickly

So much for the era of austerity. Chef R.J. Cooper's wallet-busting gustatory jam session Rogue 24 is essentially all booked up for its opening weekend, as Y&H alum Tim Carman reports for WaPo. The Coop tells Carman: “Our plan is not to over-capacitate the restaurant and not start turning tables until September, when the staff […]

What Do Eve’s Renovations Say About the State of Fine Dining?

You may wonder why I care about the mostly cosmetic renovations taking place in Restaurant Eve's Tasting Room. I mean, why should most people care that owners Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong have purchased new furniture and fixtures for their showcase dining room, where a prix-fixe, multi-course meal can easily surpass $200 a head? Let me […]

All About Eve, Part I: Surrounded by Food and Still Constantly Hungry

This is my fridge. As a  food lover and sometimes food writer, I have not bought groceries from a Harris Teeter or Whole Foods, let alone a farmers market, since late July. This empty shell reflects the sorry state of my kitchen. How did I get here? Having found myself at a work-life crossroads, I […]

The City Paper Poll: The $25 Dining Question

Y&H is not a political animal. I don't hang on every breath coming from a politician's mouth to understand how one new word may indicate a change in policy. It's the truth, and perhaps I should be embarrassed by this fact. I know what you're thinking: I live in the wrong town. I'll table that […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: 2941

With the inexorable contraction of the fine-dining market—both in the number of restaurants and in the people willing to drain their bank accounts to eat in one—I’m heartened that 2941 continues to fight the good fight in Falls Church, in essence arguing that any metro area that wants to be taken seriously must maintain its […]