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Blown Away? Poisonous Japanese Tora-Fugu Is Rare, Expensive, and Almost Flavorless

My first bite of tora-fugu, the Japanese species of blowfish containing deadly poison in its organs, is the skin. The gelatinous delicacy is thinly sliced like noodles, with seaweed, grated daikon, and a ponzu sauce, and is part of Sushi Taro’s 10-course, $138 fugu tasting menu. I’m not dead yet. Next up is sashimi, sliced […]

Lactose Intolerant

The SUV glides to a halt in front of the buttery white brick Capitol Hill row house. Liz Reitzig gets out and quickly makes her way across the street. There’s a lone woman in front of the two-story structure, arms crossed over her chest. Reitzig talks to her for a moment, then walks through a […]

Celiac to the Ceiling: 2,000 Pounds of Cake, Not An Ounce of Wheat

Wheat-adverse baker Jules Shepard and activists with the celiac-advocacy group "1 in 133" constructed an 11-foot-2-inch tall, roughly 2,000-pound gluten-free cake, purportedly the world's largest, in the lobby of the Embassy Suites at Mt. Vernon Square this week. The big baking stunt was an attempt to draw attention to the federal government's four-year-long delay in […]

Would You Eat Genetically Modified Salmon?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy You can't open a newspaper or turn to a blog without someone decrying the horrors of this monster, a salmon genetically modified to grow faster, presumably to keep up with the world's demand for the oily fish. The FDA claims the fish, a […]