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Chipotle 10, Naysayers 0: ‘Fast Casual’ Chain Clears First Hurdle on Barracks Row

Capitol Hill is inching ever closer to its first burrito bowl. The Examiner reports that the planning and zoning committee of local Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B on Tuesday voted 10-0 in favor of a special zoning exemption that would allow ubiquitous Mexican eatery Chipotle to set up shop along 8th Street SE. Fast food restaurants […]

The Not So Happy Meal

Yet more proof that McDonald's food can stand the test of time, though perhaps not in the manner the company would like.

D.C. to Be PCRM’s Test Market for McDonald’s Attack Ad

Starting tomorrow, the D.C. market will play guinea pig to a commercial by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that, in essence, blames Mickey D's for the high number of heart disease-related deaths in the District. I'm sure the tobacco industry loves this ad. According an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, the radical […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Not even the lobster truck could compete with Five Guys Last week was one for the record books, thanks to the baffling whims of the interwebs. A four-paragraph item about Five Guys topping the hamburger category in the 2010 Zagat fast food survey went viral, generating tens of thousands of hits and causing our poor […]

Y&H Gets an Unexpected Preview of the Shake Shack Concept Heading Our Way

Little did I know when I walked into Shake Shack last week in Miami — the first non-New York outlet in Danny Meyer's budding burger empire — that I was getting a preview of things to come in D.C.  But while I was away, Washington Business Journal's Missy Frederick reported that Meyer will open a […]

Five Guys Makes the Best Fast-Food Burger in the Country

So say the voters in the 2010 Zagat fast-food survey, who rated the Five Guys burger ahead of such iconic patties as those at In-N-Out Burger and McDonald's. Zagat raters also liked Five Guys fries well enough to place them second in the survey, right behind the golden spuds at the Golden Arches. All of […]

The Taco Bell Folk Song Order

Burger King To Start Selling Beer

What's missing from this picture? Beer, of course. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Burger King plans to open "Whopper Bars" in several cities, thereby allowing customers to get some suds with their burgers and fries. The first one will be in Miami Beach, with others to follow in New York, Los Angeles, […]

‘The Fast Foodie Is Back…And He Is Happy’

THE FAST FOODIE "Hello Jack" EP7 – watch more funny videos Don't worry,  Y&H didn't know that the Fast Foodie had left, either. I just stumbled upon these videos this morning and fell for the character played by Hannes Phinney when he said, "I got to get back to basics. I got to get back to […]

The Recession May Not Be Good for Fast Food Franchises After All

The Wall Street Journal published a smart, counter-intuitive piece today that suggests fast-food giants, in an effort to stay ahead of the recession, are squeezing the hell out of their franchisees, leaving them with little to show for their efforts. So much for the idea that McDonald's is making a killing in this bad economy. […]