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The Fad Hatter: Chef José Andrés Rocks the Newsboy Cap

Move over, tired old toque! D.C. chefs have a new style icon: the newsboy cap, validated by none other than the District's best known kitchen boss,  José Andrés. You've seen the famed chef sporting the dapper headgear on the Today Show, on CNN, and also mingling among guests at his new pop-up restaurant, America Eats […]

Fashion Puleeze: Decked Out Local Food Stars on the Red Carpet at the Rammys

The Rammys are known as the Oscars of the D.C. food scene for a reason. Chefs, restaurateurs, flacks and foodies alike all arrive to the awards ceremony dressed to the nines. Well, maybe more like a six in some cases. For a closer look at the glitz and glamor of the industry's annual gala, Young […]

The New Fashion Trend for Spring? Aprons!

What does it say when fashion designers are inspired by an article of utilitarian clothing that once represented '50s-era gender roles? Y&H will have to ponder this some more, but at first blush, it strikes me as an attempt to inject a domestic note into an American culture increasingly fixated on work. Your thoughts, Y&H […]