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Here Are the 2016 D.C. Farmers Market Opening Dates

It's spring!

D.C. Farmers Markets Can Now Sell Alcohol

FreshFarm Markets is looking to test out the new law this spring.

New Legislation Could Allow Alcohol Sales at D.C. Farmers Markets

FreshFarm Markets is on board. So are a number of local distilleries and breweries.

When Do D.C.’s Farmers Markets Open?

The Foggy Bottom, Penn Quarter, and Mount Pleasant markets started last week, and the market by the White House will be up and running tomorrow.

D.C.’s Farmers’ Markets Face More Scrutiny Under New Regulations

Farmers’ markets around the city have officially begun hawking mustard greens and handing out sheep’s milk cheese samples for the season. This year, though, the rhubarb pies and ramps will come with one additional ingredient: new red tape. Until recently, the destinations for your weekly local food fix were barely regulated. The D.C. Department of […]

Opening Dates for D.C.’s Farmers’ Markets

D.C.'s farmers' markets are back for the season, which means you can now get two bunches of ramps for $10! The Foggy Bottom and Penn Quarter FRESHFARM markets opened last week, and the market by the White House debuted today with plenty of prepared foods, including pizza from The Red Zebra, sandwiches from Three Little […]

Market Research: Veal and Apricots

Ingredients: Veal and apricots What: Given Pepco’s performance after the now-infamous derecho, meals that can be cooked rapidly and outdoors are my priority. I asked Sandy Miller, owner of Pennsylvania’s Painted Hand Farm, for a thin cut of meat that pairs well with newly in-season apricots. “Veal is traditionally thought of as a fall food,” says […]

Market Research: Currants

Ingredient: Currants What: You’ve likely only encountered currants in preserved forms, either dried or cooked down into a jam. That’s a shame, because fresh, the translucent-skinned, tart globes are decadent. How to buy: Currants are in season through early July. Red and blue varieties are available from Reid’s Orchard, at the 14th and U streets […]

Market Research: Quail Eggs

Ingredient: Quail eggs What: “The main thing is that they are cute,” says Aaron McCloud, chef of Cedar in Penn Quarter. “But it is a little more mild than a chicken egg.” Because of their diminutive size (think: shooter marble), quail eggs offer a smaller, more manageable yolk for use as a garnish or appetizer. How […]

Market Research: Herbed Lemonade

Ingredient: Herbed lemonade What: A cocktail is not for everyone (or every occasion). It’s handy to have something besides the subtle delights of D.C. tap water to serve to summertime guests. Julie Gray Stinar of Evensong Farm has one clever option: herbed lemonade. Her son wanted to start selling lemonade at their market stands in […]