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Tipping Point: Some D.C. Restaurants Are Taking a Closer Look at Eliminating Tips

Danny Meyer is eliminating gratuities at his restaurant group in favor of paying employees a wage. Some D.C. restaurateurs are now watching closely to see if this is a model worth adopting themselves.

The Right Way to Complain in a Restaurant

In most cases, restaurant staff will offer free food and drinks to keep a diner happy—but first they have to know about the problem.

Underserved: Farmers Fishers Bakers’ The Islay Swizzle

A tiki drink that shuns rum in favor of two types of Scotch may raise eyebrows at Founders Fishers Bakers, where tropical drinks are the specialty.

Is Charging for Restaurant Reservations a Good Idea?

Table8 will give diners last minute reservations at hot restaurants—for a fee.

Instagramming Food Porn For Restaurants? That’s A Real Job.

It's not just major restaurant brands that hire social media managers. Local eateries do it too.

The 10 Wackiest Repurposed Items in Restaurant Decor

Reclaimed barnwood? Psh. Restaurants have been using that for years now. But designers of many new eating and drinking establishments are finding plenty of other repurposed items to integrate into the decor. Behold, some of the most ridiculous, and occasionally awesome, recycled light fixtures, stools, purse hooks, and more. Tractor seat stools at Southern Efficiency: Windows and […]

Founding Farmers Restaurant Group Now Has Its Own Gin

There's hardly a food or drink item that restaurants don't attempt to make in-house these days. So why not distill their own booze too? The team behind Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers has been doing just that with the help of Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, Va. In 2009, Farmers Restaurant Group released its […]

Farmers Fishers Bakers Might Be the Country’s Largest Buyer of Bull Castrators

Farmers Fishers Bakers is really concerned about men peeing on the floor of the restroom. That's why the Georgetown Waterfront restaurant has mounted a warning sign above the urinals—in the form of bull testicle removers. "It's better than the sign 'please don't pee on our floor,'" says GrizForm Design Architects' Griz Dwight, who designed the restaurant. The idea, he says, […]

Cocktail Guess: “Make Me a Champagne Cocktail”

Where: Farmers Fishers Bakers, 3000 K St. NW Bartender Response: “Maybe something fruity?” We opted for “something unusual.” What We Got: Champagne and absinthe garnished with lemon peel Price: $14 How It Tasted: Absinthe added a strong anise flavor and paired well with the dry Champagne. The scent of lemon peel on the rim and […]

Farmers Fishers Bakers Opens Today

Farmers Fishers Bakers made its debut in Washington Harbour today at 11:30 a.m. The waterfront spot is much more than a revamped version of Farmers & Fishers, which closed in April 2011 due to flooding. The 9,500 square-foot space is a whole new restaurant with a sushi bar, "dessert studio," and sleek decor that includes […]