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Gut Reaction: ShopHouse’s Pork And Chicken Meatballs Taste Like Falafel

It would seem that more members of the D.C. food media showed up for Thursday's 11 a.m. opening of Chipotle's hugely ballyhooed ShopHouse eatery than actual customers. By noon, though, a veritable line of diners had formed. For Y&H's first bite, I chose the pork and chicken meatball bánh mì. The meatballs had come highly […]

Paging Dr. Atkins! Shawafel’s French Fry Sandwich Is a Carb-Loader’s Creamy Dream

Lebanese-themed shawarma-and-falafel joint Shawafel opened this week along D.C.'s burgeoning H Street corridor. Operated by Alberto Sissi, a veteran of José Andrés' Think Food Group, the shiny new fast-casual-style joint serves various chicken, lamb and beef wraps. But, its "signature" item is a french-fry sandwich—"the only one in town," according to Sissi, who expects the […]

Boston Pita Party: Amsterdam Falafelshop Eyeing Outpost in Beantown

The road to franchising your restaurant is paved with good intentions. Amsterdam Falafel proprietors Scott and Arianne Bennett would know: “To be honest, I was thinking about [franchising] from day one," says Scott. "We have a very franchisable model, so why not?” But, four years ago, when the Bennetts set out to open up a […]

Raising Chain: A Chipotle-Like Eatery Rethinks Greek Eats as a Nutrition-Conscious ‘Bistro’ Aims to Change Food Attitudes

In the world of fast-casual food concepts, it’s a little too easy to write off Cava Mezze Grill as a Greek version of Chipotle. In front of a sneeze guard-protected front counter, you’re ushered through a series of meat-and-topping construction stops, where you select fillers to go inside a pita instead of a tortilla (or […]

Amsterdam Falafelshop Needs to Hire This Guy Fast

Greatest Falafel Picker In The World – Watch more Funny Videos Or at least add this nifty flip-and-catch routine to Amsterdam's training manual as the falafel shop starts taking over America.

Amsterdam Falafelshop Is Finally Ready to Take Over America

So the news broke this week that after years of working out the details, Amsterdam Falafelshop will finally start franchising its delicious fried chickpea concept. As Joe Spinelli told me on Monday, the Adams Morgan falafel operation could soon become a monster, with more than 100 shops within the next seven years. "This is going […]

Weekend Feed: Old City Café & Bakery

Old City Café & Bakery 1773 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 232-1322 If Old City Café’ falafel bar seems suspiciously similar in style and spirit to another, Adams Morgan-based falafel joint, there’s a reason. Before striking out to start his own business, Old City founder Walid Abuelhawa was a chef at neighboring Amsterdam […]

Ali Baba’s in Bethesda Does Falafel the Egyptian Way

Not long ago, Mohamed Elrafal decided to trade his antiques business for a spotless new street cart, which to this untrained eye looks as if it's painted deep Egyptian blue. The color would be only appropriate. Elrafal is a native of Egypt, and his cart, Ali Baba's Falafel, located on the corner of Willow Lane […]

I Pita the Fool Who Doesn’t Like This Flatbread

Okay, sorry for the lame headline. It's late on a Friday. But I wanted to leave you with something to chew on: the new pita bread at Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan. During the course of our conversation about Maoz Vegetarian entering the D.C. market, Arianne Bennett mentioned that the Falafelshop recently started using pitas […]

Who Will Own the Local Falafel Market? Amsterdam or Maoz?

Maoz Vegetarian, an Amsterdam-based falafel chain, appears to have serious designs on the D.C. market. In fact, Its first foray into the area, on M Street NW near Dupont Circle, could open in as soon as three months. Which got me to wondering: How will this Dutch import affect the expansion plans of Amsterdam Falafelshop? […]