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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Appetites. It’s a Food Festival Weekend.

Those with a good set of wheels and an iron stomach can hit not one, not two, but four food festivals this weekend. So why bother trying to sample them all? Well, because in one sweet weekend, you can get a fine overview of the area's eats. The Taste of Wheaton on Sunday is a […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

Thanks to the Almighty Power known as Google, several oldies-but-goodies rose to the top of the hit parade this week. Of course, even the oldies took a backseat to a Power Larger Than Google: Old Ebbitt Grill. This week's faves, according to you, Y&H's readers: You'll Never Guess the No. 6 Restaurant in America in […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

The Best of D.C. issue dominated readers' attention this week on Young & Hungry, including my mea culpa about Best New Restaurant. It's nice to see that teeth-gnashing confessionals haven't lost their power to attract attention. Best of D.C.: A Confession About Best New Restaurant Best of D.C.: Which New Restaurant Deserves Top Honors? Things […]

Rockwell on Eventide: Don’t Go to the Lounge and Expect a Dining Room Experience

Following my mea culpa yesterday about this year's Best New Restaurant pick, the indefatigable Don Rockwell hopped into his car and headed to Eventide to form his own opinion about the upstart Clarendon operation. He walked away disappointed, but perhaps not for the reasons you might think. Rockwell explains on his eponymous board:

Best of D.C.: A Confession About Best New Restaurant

Y&H will skip the tears and gnashing of teeth and get right to the confession: If the Best of D.C. issue would have been released next week, I would have selected another place as Best New Restaurant. Unfortunately, I dined at Eventide too late for deadline. Make no mistake, Inox is deserving of the crown, […]

Best of D.C.: Which New Restaurant Deserves Top Honors?

The editors (aka, the Meat Grinders) are busy putting the final touches on this year's Best of D.C. issue, even though all the picks have already been made, including a large number in the Food & Drink section. Personally, if you ask me, too much emphasis is placed on the Best Restaurant category. Seriously, do […]

A Slavish Devotion to the New New Thing

A well-established D.C. chef/owner once bitched to me that his restaurants don't get the same coverage as the flashy new joints with the multi-million-dollar build-outs and the pedigreed toques pushing yet another take on New American cooking. I was sympathetic. It's true, food writers, like most journalists, tend to have a slavish devotion to the […]

So Many New Restaurants to Check Out, So Little Weekend

We in the D.C. region are fortunate. Restaurants, ones that aren't afraid to pump serious money into their build-outs and staffing, are still opening in our area, despite the nasty economy. In the past week, three new places have been launched and one Arlington institution has moved into a swankier space. It's making my weekend […]