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The Etiquette of Taking Photos of Your Food in Restaurants

Love it or hate it, cellphones are as ubiquitous as wine glasses on dining room tables these days. Today’s Y&H column tackles the various restaurant policies and attitudes toward digital devices. Some, like The Sheppard, have gone so far as to ban photo-taking or phone use. Others make it as easy as possible for you […]

Groupon Etiquette 101: Who Pays What When Your Discount Meal Requires Start-Up Cash?

Last week, a friend and I trekked out to the dubious dining destination that is Bethesda to take advantage of a LivingSocial deal I had obtained for Robert Wiedmaier's Mussel Bar. Once the check came — and I was over my disbelief that a bottle of Allagash White could possibly cost $9 — I found […]

Quick Feeding: Fritz Hahn Should Offer Classes in Not Annoying Fritz

On the Fritz's Nerves: If you ever want to agitate veteran Washington Post nightlife scribe Fritz Hahn at a bar like ChurchKey, occupy valuable bar real estate with empty drinks, tell the bartender "[n]o, we're good right now" when asked if you'd like another, and turn your back. Hahn might yell at you, but most […]

How to Navigate Your Way Through a Successful Dinner Date

I'm not sure the value of videos such as this. To be honest, if your dinner date is turned off by your pig-like appetite, I'd say dump her. If she's offended by your inability to score a good table, dump her even faster. And if she thinks you're not a man because you don't complain […]