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About That “Review” Which Isn’t One

As regular readers of this blog probably recognize, Y&H offers all sorts of  food-related content. There's a morning round up of food news and commentary from around the web that I call "Last Night's Leftovers." There's a daily link to our regularly updated food events calendar. You'll also find original reporting, as well as commentary […]

When Should a Critic Just Trash a Place?

Not the lamb chops in question but a nice picture for you to enjoy. My first bite of the crawfish beignets forced me to immediately take another. Not because the bite was so tasty but because it was so bland. I couldn't believe my palate. How could something so fried and golden be so flavorless? […]

The Ethical Dilemma of Receiving Too Much Change

It just happened to me this afternoon: After punching in my order at Super Tacos & Bakery, the cashier took my ten spot and gave me back $3.65, which was exactly three dollars too much. I stood there with the singles in my hand and thought what I always do in these situations: Oh my […]