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House In Session Ale: A Uniquely D.C. Beer

House In Session Ale is a dry-hopped American pale ale brewed in February at the Schlafly Tap Room in St. Louis by the District's own Greg Jasgur of Pizzeria Paradiso, Sam Fitz of Meridian Pint, and Greg Engert of Birch & Barley and ChurchKey fame. The beer may have been brewed in St. Louis but it is 100 percent D.C. [...]

Dodging the Draft: Outtakes

I drank diligently in the course of researching this week's Young & Hungry column about the art of restaurant beer bottle and can lists. But I also put my glass down occasionally to talk to the people crafting these menus. Here's a few of the best quotes that didn't make the story. ChurchKey's beer director, [...]

Dodging the Draft: Sometimes a Restaurant’s Best Beers Are in Bottles and Cans

For three generations, the Martinez family has farmed hard-bean coffee at Finca Vista Hermosa, in the northwestern highlands of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. A portion of the harvest the family sends to Minneapolis, where Coffee & Tea Limited roasts and sells it, shipping a fraction of the beans 10 miles down the road to Brooklyn Center, Minn., [...]

Looking Past the New Year: What I’m Lookin Forward to Consuming

It’s end-of-the-year list season if you haven’t noticed. My only problem is, unless I’ve taken a picture of it, I can’t remember what I ate last week, let alone last January. I’d prefer a list that looks forward like a New Years resolution, but one that skews toward hedonism rather than denial or self-improvement. You [...]

What’s In a Review Anyway? And What Does ‘Tender’ Taste Like?

I've been checking out the reviews of a few area restaurants in an attempt to better understand the process a critic uses when evaluating an establishment, and the usefulness of the material that results. I'm not frowning on restaurant reviews. I personally love reading a critic's praises as much as much as the bludgeoning a less-than-perfect [...]

The Audacity of Opening a Spanish Eatery in José Andrés’ Backyard

The ironic thing about Estadio is that, despite its many pleasures, the Spanish eatery wasn't even owner Mark Kuller's first choice for his second restaurant. As Jane Black reported in the Post earlier this year, Kuller originally wanted to open an Italian place — until our downtown streets became slippery with pasta. So he switched [...]

The Reign of Spain: Team Behind Penn Quarter’s Proof Tries Spanish Food at Estadio

By the time my friend and I reach Estadio, it’s around 10:30 on Saturday night, and the Logan Circle establishment is still packed, providing some small hope that the District has finally outgrown its Ben Franklin-esque early-to-bed, early-to-rise ethos. The Spanish-themed restaurant is so crowded, in fact, we can’t immediately secure a seat. This is [...]

Dissecting Tom Sietsema’s 2010 Dining Guide

Red Hook Lobster Pound truck: street food makes the Dining Guide WaPo's Tom Sietsema released his 2010 Dining Guide online yesterday, and in between other tasks, I've been combing through it to understand how the critic views the current restaurant scene. Before I get to the nuggets that I've mined, though, I should note what [...]

Food News You Can Use: The Slow Summer of D.C.?

Top Chef: Played out? Hey, I thought we were supposed to be suffering through the summer doldrums in the District? Not with this amount of news, we aren't. So let's waste no time. Proof owner Mark Kuller has just entered José Andrés territory with the grand opening of Estadio. [via Metrocurean] Pssst, the Secret Safeway [...]

The Restaurants Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

Y&H has already listed his 10 favorite new restaurants for 2009. Now it's time to start pondering the possibilities for 2010. Here's a short list of the upcoming restaurants I'm itching to dine in this year. Galileo III: Can Roberto Donna overcome his dwindling reputation and poor recent track record to reclaim the heavyweight crown [...]