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Unemployment Sucks, Consider Culinary School

Recruiters from the renown Culinary Institute of America, aka "CIA," are coming to town later this month with a pretty persuasive pitch: job growth in the food service industry is expected to outpace the national economy. Not a difficult feat, I suppose. The point: maybe it's time to consider slipping into some chef whites. Reps […]

Independents’ Day: Foodie Website Founder Don Rockwell Starts A New Restaurant Association

By his own estimate, Don Rockwell eats approximately 700 restaurant meals a year, spending nearly $30,000 of his modest computer consultant’s salary at high and low-end establishments alike. Rockwell reviews many of those meals in minute detail on his eponymous food board, which he founded in 2005 and which has become a prime local destination […]

Don Rockwell Launches a D.C. Dining Concierge Service

For years, Don Rockwell has been giving his opinions away for free via his eponymous dining board, no doubt directing hundreds of customers to restaurants across the D.C. area. Rockwell has taken pride in two practices as the founder and one of the moderators of He pays for his meals, and for members of […]

Is Pastry Chef Amanda Cook Leaving CityZen?

Y&H typically doesn't engage in speculation when it comes to matters of kitchen personnel, but I had to find out if the Beard-nominated pastry chef, Amanda Cook, was leaving CityZen after a source forwarded this job listing from Craigslist. The open position? "Pastry Chef — CityZen." I caught CityZen chef Eric Ziebold just as he was […]

D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Leaderboard: Same As It Ever Was

The D.C. Dish Hall of Fame leaderboard remains virtually unchanged after a week of voting, save for the flip-flop of the ninth and tenth place dishes. After a strong surge last week, Horace & Dickie's  fried whiting moves up a notch into ninth place. But I have to say, I think the list is still […]

A Cold Chill Coming from Sou’Wester

The Sou'Wester pork jowl BLT sounded too mouthwatering to pass up, even if we were way past tomato season, but at $7 per sandwich, I had to ask our waiter how large the lunch-time portion was. He indicated that the sammie was small, perhaps the size of my hand, and that depending on my appetite, […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

Y&H is thrilled to report that Select 55 has been dethroned — by another beer, Guinness, which celebrated a birthday yesterday. Let's raise a glass to Select 55's long run and to the new king of the Y&H blog. This week's most-read posts: Raise a Toast to Guinness' 250th Anniversary Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light […]

Food News You Can Use: Michelle Obama Edition

The First Lady has been the topic of foodie chatter on two fronts this week — first for her stop at Gramercy Tavern on Thursday, followed shortly thereafter with the launch of the "Michelle Melt" at Good Stuff Eatery. Let's see what the media had to say on these and other urgent foodie matters: Eater […]

Two Things Y&H Didn’t Expect to See at Sou’Wester’s Opening Party: Frank Ruta and Dancing

Ruta emerged from Palena's kitchen, pictured with Maddy Beckwith So how unique was last night's opening reception for Sou'Wester? So unique that Frank Ruta showed up. In all the years Y&H has been covering the dining scene in D.C., I've never seen the semi-reclusive Palena chef and owner at an industry event. I barely recognized […]

Mandarin’s South by Southwest Is Running Behind Schedule

When last we checked in with Eric Ziebold — to hear him defend the name of his latest project, South by Southwest, which is actually a restaurant, not an excuse to get drunk in Austin — the esteemed chef said the Southern-minded operation would open in early summer. Scratch that. During a phone conversation yesterday, […]