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When Secret Recipes Stay Secret

"[A]s Mark tells it, when he, Eric and Doyle decided to recreate their dad’s marinade for their new chef, 'Doyle says, ‘Well, it’s two tablespoons of this, a teaspoon of that,’ and Eric said, ‘No, no, it’s a tablespoon of this, and two tablespoons of that,’ and then I chimed in and said, ‘You guys […]

Outgoing Queen Vic Chef Now Consulting for Big Board Burger Joint

Washingtonian catches up with ex-Queen Vic chef Adam Stein about his departure from the H Street gastropub, which he partially attributes to ideological differences with ownership over local sourcing. Stein also divulges that he'll be consulting with brothers Eric Flannery and Mark Flannery on their upcoming H Street burger joint, the Big Board. (You might […]

Mea Culpa Burger With Fries: Big Board Brothers Get a Fast Lesson in Food PR

Public relations is a crucial part of the restaurant business. Brothers Eric and Mark Flannery have learned that the hard way, having to put out their first fire before the flames of their burger grill are even lit. The brothers Flannery began work on their forthcoming new restaurant, a planned gourmet burger joint called The […]