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The Truly Awful Thing About the Cupcake Craze: The Wasteful Packaging

Cupcakes from the Bakeshop Everyone, it seems, is going bonkers about cupcakes. Sometimes I like to kid myself that I hate cupcakes, just because they're so freaking popular, but I don't. I'm not crazy about some of the cupcake culture — mostly, the exclusive, Georgetown boutique ambiance of some cupcakeries — but by and large […]

How to Reduce Your Carbon ‘Forkprint’

Is Mark Bittman Trying to Scare Us or Make Us Hungry?

Earlier today, cookbook author Mark Bittman, who's been on a campaign to help us eat healthier and save the environment, sent this link around from his Twitter account. I don't know about you, but several of these images make me very hungry.

Red Meat Consumption Will Be Our New Vice

Until states virtually legislated it out of existence, save for the yellow-stained environs of our very own homes, smoking used to be the vice that'd get you death stares from mommies with strollers and self-righteous reformed smokers. I got to think that, in the not-so-distance future, red meat eaters are headed for a similar fate. […]

You Can Live Without a Refrigerator, But Not Well

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that our refrigerator at home is stuffed with all kinds of crap that the wife and I will probably never touch again, except to throw them out once they start stinking up the kitchen every time we open the fridge door. But you'll have to execute me as […]

Chow’s The Year in Food 2008 has just released its entertaining, if annoyingly click-heavy, feature The Year in Food 2008. It breaks down the year into nine neat categories, including environmental issues (good and bad), trendy eats, recessionary dining options, and media, among others. Among the subjects are Michael Phelps and his 12,000-calorie diet, Batter Blaster, and the ousting of […]