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Stefanie Gans to Join Young & Hungry Blog Team

You may know Stefanie Gans (repeat after me: there's no "ph" in Stefanie!) from her post about the nine SoCal foods that you won't find in our farmers markets. Or from her story about a stuffed eggplant in which the cooked vegetable was as hard as a ceramic bowl. Or from her item about the […]

Food News You Can Use: Cheap Eats Edition

The half-smoke is coming to RFK Yes, it's that time again. Time for me to catch up on my favorite food sites and pass along the cream of the crop. Let's jump right in. Trader Joe's says it'll sell only sustainable seafood by the end of 2012. (WaPo's All We Can Eat) Zola's Wine & […]

BYT Rounds Up the Best and Worst of 2009

Guess which trend got dissed by local food writers? Yes, it's started already: The lists. The roundups. The endless regurgitation of the year's best and worst in dining trends/meals/restaurants/chefs/bathroom door handles. We love 'em, and we hate 'em. BrightestYoungThings gets out of the gate early with its D.C. Foodie Writer 2009 Wrap Up, which includes […]

This Just In: Definitive Evidence on Where Pica Taco Got Its Name

In response to yesterday's admittedly cheap-and-easy post on Pica Taco's name (hey, I blame Loose Lips for any cultural slights caused by this!), Stefanie Gans at Endless Simmer wrote in to explain the true inspiration behind the shop's moniker. Writes Gans (mostly known as Gansie in local food circles):

Which Super Bowl Contender Has Better Food?

Endless Simmer isn't waiting for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers to settle the score on the field this Sunday. The blog has decided to pick a winner based on which locale has better food. It's a tough contest, mostly because both regions appear to have a huge weakness for excess. Pittsburgh, for example, has […]