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Holiday Office Parties Go Big at D.C. Restaurants

Some companies throw down as much as $100,000 on their end of year festivities.

Sidecar at P.J. Clarke’s Becomes Members-Only and Bans Photos

Apparently, it's trendy to make it difficult for people get into your restaurant or bar. This morning, we wrote about how Dupont's new Russian restaurant Mari Vanna is giving a small group of people keys to its front door for access to Monday night VIP parties. Last week, we took a look at Harold Black, […]

Sinatra Didn’t Dine Here

Boozy lunches and late-night binges, soaked up with Nat King Cole’s favorite burger, followed by the inevitable trips to Frank Sinatra’s favorite urinals—this is what dining at P.J. Clarke’s is supposed to be all about. The name alone should inspire a bleary-eyed hiccup or two. Fans of the AMC drama Mad Men will recognize the […]