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Sushi, Ramen & Hanger Steak Poutine: Things to Expect at The Hamilton, Opening Dec. 18

"Wouldn't this be a cool place to grab a burger at lunchtime?" asks Tom Meyer, president of Clyde's Restaurant Group. He's leaning against a long wooden counter running the length of a massive window overlooking bustling 14th Street NW in downtown D.C. We're hanging out in the main bar area of The Hamilton, the Clyde's […]

Firefly Does Its Own Elvis Impersonation

Elvis Presley's love of greasy foods has been well-chronicled, not to mention exploited for profit, criticized by pampered urbanites, and even blamed for the King's untimely death at age 42. I can't think of a single person, living or dead, who had such terrible eating habits and yet inspired so much copy about his favorite […]

Elvis Presley Meets Tofu Pad Thai at Nage

I'm not sure if Elvis Presley would have been a fan of Meatless Mondays — the movement to abstain from animal proteins one day a week for a healthier population and planet — but I have a feeling he'd like this peanut butter and banana dish. The King's most famous (only?) nod to vegetarianism was […]